VT Dept. of Fish & Wildlife: Lake Carmi

LCCA Members,

Fishing is probably the number one recreational activity on Lake Carmi.  Known for its abundant walleye population the lake draws anglers from all over the state and beyond to fish its waters.  Every year the VT Dept. of Fish & Wildlife publishes an Annual Report for Lake Carmi which includes an Electro Fishing Survey (usually in October) to measure the health & population of the fish.  They use a special boat to shock the fish, bring them on board for evaluation and then reslease them.  The most recent report available is the 2020-2021 report.  The Vermont Fish & Wildlife website provides a Document Library where you may query a report or study by fish species, lake or year. The website will strive to keep you current on all Lake Carmi fishing, Hook Line & sinker!


Pete Benevento, Pres.


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