Tactical Basin Plan update for Basin 6: Missisquoi Bay

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Missisquoi Bay Tactical Basin Plan

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is in the process of developing the 5-year Tactical Basin Plan update for Basin 6: Missisquoi Bay, which will guide how the State of Vermont spends money to improve water quality in our area.

We are asking for your input in this survey to better understand your priorities, concerns, and questions in regard to water quality in the Missisquoi Bay Basin.

Tactical Basin Plans (TBP) are strategic guidebooks for improving watershed health. Your responses will help us identify both high quality surface waters and those in need of restoration and protection; outline a list of actions to achieve water quality goals; and identify partners and funding so that actions can be implemented.

The 2021 Basin 6: Missisquoi Bay TBP will also include strategies to reduce nutrient pollution (such as phosphorus), which is one of the main causes of blue-green algae blooms in Missisquoi Bay and Lake Champlain.

More information:  
StoryMap: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/38e334ee159349638f517a106548f744
DEC Website: https://dec.vermont.gov/water-investment/watershed-planning/tactical-basin-planning/basin6

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